Public Pathology Australia is governed by a National Council drawn from members in each State and Territory and the Executive (Office Bearers).  An Executive Committee consisting of the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Immediate Past President, is responsible for working with the Chief Executive Officer in conducting the day to day business of Public Pathology Australia.  Public Pathology Australia’s Chief Executive Officer is Ms Jenny Sikorski.

Public Pathology Australia Council

Position Representative Organisation
President Dr Petra Derrington Pathology Queensland
Vice President VACANT
Secretary Prof Dominic Mallon PathWest
Treasurer Mr Bob Partridge Pathology Queensland
Immediate Past President Prof Hans Schneider Alfred Pathology Service
ACT Councillor Prof Peter Collignon ACT Pathology
ACT Councillor Mrs Tracey Farrar ACT Pathology
NSW Councillor Dr Stephen Braye NSW Health Pathology
NSW Councillor Ms Vanessa Thomson NSW Health Pathology
NT Councillor Mr Michael Lynch Territory Pathology
NT Councillor VACANT
QLD Councillor VACANT
QLD Councillor Mr Brett Bricknell Pathology Queensland
SA Councillor Dr Peter O’Loughlin SA Pathology
SA Councillor Mr Paul Panigiris SA Pathology
TAS Councillor Dr Vince Murdolo Royal Hobart Hospital Pathology
TAS Councillor VACANT
VIC Councillor Mrs Mahtab Minai Royal Children’s Hospital Laboratory Service
VIC Councillor Prof Francis Bowling Melbourne Health Pathology
WA Councillor Ms Frances Brogden PathWest
WA Councillor Mr David Miotti PathWest

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Public Pathology Australia is incorporated in New South Wales under the Associations Incorporation Act 1984.

Public Pathology Australia’s Australian Business Number (ABN) is 93 439 259 975.