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MYEFO MBS Pathology Cuts May Cause Patients to Avoid Necessary Testing

Published 16 December 2015

The Federal Government’s announcement in the Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook (MYEFO) to remove the bulk billing incentive for pathology providers from 1 July next year may impact on the health of patients.  The government has made a decision to cut MBS fees outside the agreed MBS Review process and without considering the impact on patients and the pathology sector.

Public pathology services are under considerable financial pressure.  They do not receive the same amount of Medicare funding for the same tests as the private sector.  Cutting the bulk billing incentive may cause private pathology providers to start charging co-payments or to charge higher co-payments for pathology services and this can deter patients from having vital pathology tests done.  Public pathology providers will not cease bulk billing patients for Medicare services as they have a responsibility to provide comprehensive access for all Australians and communities, including those who are ‘hard to reach’ either due to geography, disability of socio-economic factors.

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